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Need an outlet for your creativity?  Want to improve your literacy skills for school and/or the workplace?  Feel like meeting some new friends?  The JMCPL can help!  Check out our tween and teen programs below or view the Online Programs Calendar for a complete list of programming and online registration.  Don’t be shy to send us programming ideas at



Author Reading for Carlton, Shellbrook, and PACI Creative Writing Groups
Thursday, April 4, 7:00

Creative writing students from PACI, Carlton and WP Sandin High School will present selected readings from their work.

Everyone welcome!


Teen Movie Night
Monday, April 8, 7:00
Every Day (100 min., PG13)

16-year-old Rhiannon falls for someone named “A” who turns out to be a drifting soul – literally. Every 24 hours, “A” inhabits the body of a different person. This forces Rhiannon to find “A” each day and try to rekindle their romance again and again. Ultimately, she must decide if she’s willing to make this constant sacrifice, even if it means risking the end of her first truly meaningful relationship.




























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Category: Registered Tween/Teen ProgramsTween and Teen Writing Group - Choose a Decade!


February 25, 2019

If you could visit a decade from the past 100 years, which would you choose? Write about your adventures, and make a cool knotted macramé bookmark!

Registration begins on Friday, February 1. For ages 9 to 15. All materials are supplied.

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Category: Open Tween/Teen ProgramsDrop-In Tween and Teen Anime Club - Phone Holder


March 4, 2019

We meet once a month and hang out, chat, watch Anime, draw and much more!

In this session we’ll be making cool phone holders! Bring a friend! For ages 9 to 15.


Category: Movie MagicLunafest: Short Films By, For, About Women


March 5, 2019

Everyone is welcome to this event which will benefit YWCA of Prince Albert and Chicken and Egg Pictures.

Admission by donation. Email or visit for more information.

Co-presented by YWCA of Prince Albert.


Category: Movie MagicWednesday Movie - Midnight Sun (91 min., PG13)


March 6, 2019

Katie Price has a rare skin disease that makes any amount of exposure to sunlight harmful. The disease will likely kill her over time. As a 17-year-old, she wants to be more than her illness. She wants to know love and adventure. She dreams of a day when she can stand in the sun with the arms of a lover wrapped around her. Katie's life is filled with days that she sleeps through and nights where she explores her town and plays music as a busker. Or, rather, this was her life until one fateful evening when someone she had only seen from afar through protected windows over the years, another teenager named Charlie, approaches her and changes everything for the better.

If you would like to help us renovate the Mahon Auditorium, please visit to find information on how to donate.


Category: Movie MagicFrench Movie Night - Belle et Sébastien (99 min., PG)


March 7, 2019

It all happened way up in the Alps, where the snow is pristine, where chamois and marmots frolic, where soaring peaks scrape the clouds. A solitary little boy meets a stray dog, and so begins a story of enduring friendship. The timeless tale tells the story of how Sebastian tamed Belle; the extraordinary adventures of a resourceful, adorable boy during the Second World War.

Co-sponsored by French Canadian Society of Prince Albert.

If you would like to help us renovate the Mahon Auditorium, please visit to find information on how to donate.

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Category: Registered Tween/Teen ProgramsTween and Teen Craft – DIY Bird Feeder


March 11, 2019

Help out our feathered friends with this clever DIY feeder, and create a handy bird guide for identifying all your new visitors!

Materials supplied! Spots are limited. For ages 9 to 15.

Registration begins on Friday, March 1.

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Category: Movie MagicWednesday Movie - Green Book (130 min., PG13)


March 13, 2019

Green Book is the real life account of Jamaican born pianist Don Shirley's musical tour through the Deep South during the Jim Crow era. Shirley (Mahershala Ali) enlists the services of rough and tough New York City bouncer Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen) as his personal chauffeur and bodyguard as he performs jazz piano sets through a section of America where he is most unwelcome. While the duo's personalities and lifestyles clash at first, their bond on the road strengthens as they each navigate the culture shock and harsh racism of the 1960s American South in their own ways.

If you would like to help us renovate the Mahon Auditorium, please visit to find information on how to donate.

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Category: Registered Tween/Teen ProgramsTween and Teen Writing Group - Dreams!


March 18, 2019

What would it be like if you could control your dreams? Where would you go? Who would you be? Join us as we write, and make a cool nightlight cover to take home!

Registration begins on Friday, March 1. For ages 9 to 15. All materials are supplied.


Category: Registered Tween/Teen ProgramsTeen D.I.Y. Night – Painting and Popsicle Stick Easel


March 19, 2019

Have fun creating a mini canvas painting and DIY easel! Materials provided. Sign up with a friend!
For ages 13 to 18.

Register beginning on Friday, March 1.

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Category: Movie MagicSaturday Movie - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (117 min., PG)


March 30, 2019

Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man but must also walk the balance between his personal high school and family life and his life as a superhero. While being Spider-Man, he becomes familiar with the Spider-Verse, where there are endless variations on Spider-Man. One of the Spider-Man variations living inside the Spider-Verse is Spider-Man, Peter Parker, who guides Miles in his journey as the new Spider-Man and introduces him to the multitude of other Spider-Men, including Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham. All of the various Spider-Men will have to band together when villains threaten the safety of the Spider-Verse and of the world itself.

If you would like to help us renovate the Mahon Auditorium, please visit to find information on how to donate.


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