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Need an outlet for your creativity?  Want to improve your literacy skills for school and/or the workplace?  Feel like meeting some new friends?  The JMCPL can help!  Check out our tween and teen programs below or view the Online Programs Calendar for a complete list of programming and online registration.  Don’t be shy to send us programming ideas at



Saskatchewan Indigenous Storytelling Month Presentation for School Students
Monday, February 11, 10:30 to 12:00
Presenter:  Lyndon Tootoosis

It’s Saskatchewan Indigenous Storytelling Month this February.  For Indigenous people storytelling is both a gift and a very old custom, sanctioned by the people to teach, entertain, and remember.  Throughout February First Nations and Métis storytelling events are going to be held by schools, libraries, and community groups across Saskatchewan.

Schools in Prince Albert have been invited to this registered storytelling event featuring Creation stories and Teachings of the Battleriver Cree.  This presentation will be on Monday, February 11 at 10:30 and will be approximately 1 ½ hours long.  Recommended for all ages.

Lyndon Tootoosis, of the Battle River Cree tribal group, has been a sculptor for 25 years. As a youth, he was traditionally guided and learned to make ceremonial objects. With permission from his Elders, he shares their stories, legends and beliefs through sculpture. His artwork is found in collections across Canada, including that of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. Lyndon has worked with the Allen Sapp Gallery and the Living Sky and Chinook School Districts. In 2014, he was on the artistic team for the North American Indigenous Games, where he served as a mentor and ensured that cultural protocols were followed.


Teen D.I.Y. Night – D.I.Y. Candle Holder
Monday, February 11, 7:00

Have fun designing your own unique candle holder!  Materials provided.  Sign up with a friend!

For ages 13 to 18.

Register beginning on Friday, February 1. 




























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Category: Movie MagicFrench Movie Night - Il Était Une Fois Les Boys (106 min., G)


January 3, 2019

Christmas 1967, a time when everybody played hockey outdoors. The Aces are the parish’s B Team and will be playing the Christmas Tournament only because they are hosting it. They may be short on talent, but they still believe they can win. Off the ice, they have all kinds of classic teen experiences, some fun and some not so fun. Either way, they’ll take them on together. And it’s together that they’ll grow up, because that’s the way they’ve decided to live their lives: together.

Co-sponsored by French Canadian Society of Prince Albert.

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Category: Open Tween/Teen ProgramsDrop-In Tween and Teen Anime Club - Decorating Fans


January 8, 2019

We meet once a month and hang out, chat, watch Anime, draw and much more!

In this session we’ll be decorating fans! Bring a friend! For ages 9 to 15.


Category: Movie MagicWednesday Movie - I Feel Pretty (111 min., PG13)


January 9, 2019

Struggling with self-esteem, a single woman suddenly finds herself irresistible after falling and hitting her head during an exercise class. Her newly found confidence allows her to carry herself in a new way that allows her to live a more fulfilling life and catches the eye of men who overlooked her in the past. Will the confidence stick around once she discovers the only thing that changed was the way she views herself?

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Category: Registered Tween/Teen ProgramsTween and Teen Writing Group - Adventures in Antarctica


January 14, 2019

You are on a scientific mission to Antarctica, when suddenly…What happens next? Describe your exciting misadventures, and make a cute penguin key-fob to take home!

Registration begins on Wednesday, January 2. For ages 9 to 15. All materials are supplied.


Category: Registered Tween/Teen ProgramsTeen D.I.Y. Night – Wish Bracelets


January 15, 2019

Will your wish come true? Get creative and design this unique wish bracelet to take home!

Materials provided. Sign up with a friend! For ages 13 to 18.

Register beginning on Wednesday, January 2.


Category: Movie MagicWednesday Movie - The Miracle Season (100 min., PG)


January 16, 2019

After they lose a beloved member of their high school volleyball team to tragic events, a group of girls learns to come together with an all-new drive to win. Despite the fact that such a loss makes it hard to keep their spirits energized and their team focused, they learn what it takes to overcome and motivate themselves to win against the odds at their state championship games. Believing that they play for the honor of their lost friend and teammate proves an inspiring and uplifting message for themselves, their school and the family of their lost team member.

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Category: Movie MagicSaturday Movie - Mary and the Witch's Flower (102 min., PG)


January 19, 2019

Mary's visit with her Great-Aunt Charlotte in the British countryside turns into an extraordinary adventure when she ignores the warnings of a local boy, Peter, and follows his two cats into the forest on a misty day. Mary finds an old broomstick and a beautiful flower that the estate's gardener tells her is coveted by those who practice witchcraft because it can bestow power. When Mary finds herself suddenly developing the powers of a witch, the broomstick takes her to a magic school known as Endor College. At Endor, Mary tries to understand better who she is and what she wants out of life. She also faces a terrible decision: She must choose between her amazing powers and doing the right thing.

If you would like to help us renovate the Mahon Auditorium, please visit to find information on how to donate.

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Category: Movie MagicWednesday Movie - Puzzle (103 min., 14A)


January 23, 2019

When an ordinary, unappreciated mom living in a quaint town realizes shes has an exceptional talent for figuring out jigsaw puzzles, it changes her whole life in so many unimaginable ways. It leads to her sneaking away to New York City, where she teams up with a gentleman for an exciting puzzle competition. During this time, she gets a taste of what independence is actually like. This mom then starts to see herself in a new, positive light that will forever change both how she sees herself as well as life in general.

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Category: Registered Tween/Teen ProgramsTween and Teen Craft – Ornamental Mirror


January 28, 2019

Add some pizzazz to your locker or home space with this cool DIY mirror!

Materials supplied! Spots are limited. For ages 9 to 15.

Registration begins on Wednesday, January 2.

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Category: Movie MagicWednesday Movie - Searching (101 min., PG13)


January 30, 2019

Searching is a technophobic thriller about a 16-year-old girl named Margot who has mysteriously gone missing after she leaves a study party. Determined to find out what happened to her, her father decides to take matters into his own hands and hacks into her laptop. It is there that he discovers some deep dark secrets about his daughter. Accused of possibly being the capturer, the father struggles to prove himself innocent during the investigation. Experienced completely through the camera lenses of computers and smart phones, the movie is a unique cinematic experience.

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