All Saskatchewan residents are encouraged      to please contact their MLA’s and municipal      governments to express their opinions on      this matter.

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UPDATE April 4th, 2017:
Effective immediately, all inter-regional hold requests will be discontinued for the foreseeable future. Holds within Wapiti region will still continue until further notice.  Items borrowed from outside of Wapiti must be returned to the respective library system by the borrower. For more information please visit Wapiti Regional Library’s Press Release:

A petition to restore public library funding is available to sign at the JMCPL Circulation Desk. We urge all our patrons to sign and help us protect Saskatchewan’s Public Libraries. We also strongly urge all our patrons to telephone/write to your local MLAs to discuss your concerns over the budget cuts.

On March 22, 2017 the Saskatchewan Provincial Government announced a 58% cut to funding for the regional libraries, and 100% cut of provincial funds to municipal libraries in Regina and Saskatoon.  These cuts will directly impact the regional libraries’ ability to coordinate services to Saskatchewan’s rural public library branch network.

The reduction in capacity at the regional offices will have the following impacts on library services in Prince Albert:

  • Loss of ability to transfer books or other items between library branches and regions.
  • No ability to receive interlibrary loans from outside of Saskatchewan.
  • Reduced digital resources such as e-books, e-audiobooks, and databases.
  • Loss of funding for provincial literacy programs such as Aboriginal Storytelling Month.

Smaller branches around the province will be affected much more severely by the proposed cuts. For more information please visit the regional library headquarters’ websites for their statements:

Since 2015, registered library users across the province have increased by over 33% and demands for library services continue to increase.

It is important that all the residents of Saskatchewan understand the implications of what will occur with these budget cuts and how it will impact our communities, especially rural and remote communities.

Thank you for your continued support.