Reading Maps

Just like a road map, reading maps help direct you where to go!  The only difference is that reading maps direct you to the right book and show you what you might like to read next!  Here at JMCPL, we want to make sure that none of our patrons get lost, so we’ve created some reading maps for you!

Simply click on the genre you’d like to read and you’ll be redirected to the appropriate map.  The genre you select has different sub-genres, so you can click on the sub-genre that appeals to you.  That sub-genre will then show you several relevant titles and if you click on one of those a summary will appear, as well as a link to that title in the library catalogue.  The reading map is fairly interactive, so you can move it around your screen with your mouse and some titles will link with other titles if they’re really similar.  Have fun with the maps and help them lead you along your great reading road-trip!


Click on a genre to view the related reading map:

**  True Crime  **

**   Romance   **


We’re still in the process of creating the maps for you!  Check back often for updates.
If you have any suggestions for the reading maps, please email