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Movie Nights

What could be better than relaxing with some friends and watching a movie in a lovely theatre?  Sounds pretty good, eh?  Now what if that movie was free?  Well,  things just got even better!  Here at the JMCPL, we host no-cost Movie Nights from the fall to the spring in the Mahon Auditorium.  Just follow the signs downstairs to take advantage of this free service and enjoy some cinematic storytelling.  We screen a wide range of films so there’s something for everyone.  Check this page or the calendar on the Adult programming page to find out what’s playing.  See you at the movies!



Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, December 12, 7:00
Spinning Man (100 min., R)
A professor of philosophy at a prestigious university is highly respected and popular, but his major weakness for having affairs with his young female students gets him into a jam after one goes missing. The professor’s wife suspects his alibi is bogus because she is all-too aware of his many infidelities. A tough police detective grows even more suspicious of the professor when newly uncovered evidence strongly points to his guilt. The professor finds himself in a life-and-death struggle to prove his innocence and/or escape arrest.


French Movie Night
Thursday, December 13, 6:30
Paul à Québec (98 min., 14A)

Paul, an aspiring artist, accompanies his wife Lucie and their daughter to celebrate Saint-Jean Day at Lucie’s parents2 home. When Paul notes the declining health of Roland, the bleeding-heart but gruff patriarch, the artist is inspired to make Roland the subject of his first comic strip.

Co-sponsored by French Canadian Society of Prince Albert.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, December 19, 7:00
A Bad Moms Christmas (104 min., R)

The bad moms are back! Amy, Carla, and Kiki continue to feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and under-appreciated by their loved ones. As a result, they have opted to rebel yet again. This time, while drinking beers at a mall food court, they decide to take a break from trying to create a perfect Christmas for their families as they do every year. This decision only lasts though until their own mothers, respectively, decide at the last minute to visit for the holidays. Now the bad moms must attempt to do it all while also dealing with their own bad mothers.


French Movie Night
Thursday, January 3, 6:30
Il Était Une Fois Les Boys (106 min., G)

Christmas 1967, a time when everybody played hockey outdoors. The Aces are the parish’s B Team and will be playing the Christmas Tournament only because they are hosting it. They may be short on talent, but they still believe they can win. Off the ice, they have all kinds of classic teen experiences, some fun and some not so fun. Either way, they’ll take them on together. And it’s together that they’ll grow up, because that’s the way they’ve decided to live their lives: together.

Co-sponsored by French Canadian Society of Prince Albert.











Please note: not all films are suitable for a family audience; viewer discretion is advised.