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Movie Magic

What could be better than relaxing with some friends and watching a movie in a lovely theatre?  Sounds pretty good, eh?  Now what if that movie was free?  Well,  things just got even better!  Here at the JMCPL, we host no-cost Movie Nights and Movie Matinees in the Mahon Auditorium.  Just follow the signs downstairs to take advantage of this free service and enjoy some cinematic storytelling.  We screen a wide range of films so there’s something for everyone (just make sure to check the rating first – we adhere to NFB regulations).  Check this page or the calendar on the Tween and Teen programming page to find out what’s playing.  See you at the movies!


Saturday Movie
Saturday, January 18, 2:30
Abominable (92 min., PG)

In this expressive animated adventure, a young girl and her two friends encounters a baby Yeti, sometimes referred to as “the abominable snow monster.” Surprisingly, however, this magical creature turns out to be a good-natured beast who wants only to return to his family. His new friends attempt to help him make the trek from their Shanghai home to the very top of Mount Everest, all the while trying to avoid a nefarious collector who has his heart set on capturing a live Yeti.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, January 22, 7:00
Tolkien (112 min., PG)

The young J.R.R. Tolkien is different from most kids his age. He finds himself an outcast and an orphan as he lands at a special school. Among the classmates Tolkien is able to find a select group that will help him to learn about true friendship. The relationships of Tolkien’s younger years go on to have a profound impact on the literary work that would ultimately make him one of history’s most revered authors.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, January 29, 6:45
Angel Has Fallen (120 min., 14A)

President Alan Trumbull and his ‘guardian angel’, Secret Service Agent Mike Banning, enjoy a quiet fishing trip that takes a sudden, deadly turn as a fleet of drones drop a barrage of explosives, nearly killing them both. Mike awakens in the hospital, faced with the charge of attempted assassination of the President. In a race against time to prove his innocence, Mike must evade both the Secret Service and the FBI as he finds the true culprit that framed him.


Drop-In Anime Club Movie Night
Monday, February 3, 6:30

We meet once a month and hang out, chat, watch Anime, draw and much more!

In this session we’ll be watching a movie.  Bring a friend!  For ages 9 to 15.

The Secret Life of Arrietty (94 min., G)
When a young boy discovers a tiny girl named Arrietty living underneath the floors in his great aunt’s house, the two strike up a strange friendship. Her parents, who survive by using food and other objects they borrow from the humans upstairs, are less than thrilled about the human boy’s appearance in their lives. They make plans to move out of the house to avoid detection by the adults. However, their preparations are too slow, and the boy they fear and despise may be their only means of survival.

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French Movie Night
Thursday, February 6, 6:30
Les rois mongols (102 min., NR)

Montreal, October 1970. Twelve-year-old Manon’s family is on the verge of collapse; she and her little brother Mimi are about to be placed in Foster Care. Manon is incensed. Inspired by the current political crisis, she comes up with a plan and takes an old woman hostage to demand the right to choose her own future. With the help of her two cousins Martin and Denis, they leave the city with Mimi and the old woman, determined to find refuge where they can all be happy and free. Gripping, tender and moving, Cross My Heart is a vibrant story portraying the weaknesses and betrayals of adulthood as seen through the eyes of children.

Co-sponsored by SCFPA.


Saturday Movie
Saturday, February 15, 2:30
Lego DC:  Batman – Family Matters (72 min., PG)

With the villainous Red Hood lurking around, all of the citizens of Gotham City have to be on high alert. He won’t rest until he has disposed of everyone. When Batgirl, Batman, and Robin are given strange invitations, suddenly it seems as if the whole situation might erupt into complete chaos. With their lives at stake, the Bat-family will need to pull together and marshall their resources if they want good to triumph over evil.


Winter Break Movie
Tuesday, February 18, 2:00
The Lion King (118 min., PG)

A young lion prince takes an unforeseen journey to find his way into a new life after the untimely death of his father. Instead of ascending the throne at a young age, Simba is forced out of his home in fear that his uncle will reveal that he is the reason the king is dead. Years after his disappearance, Simba is reintroduced to his childhood friend and realizes his mistakes that lead to the downfall of his kingdom. He must face the challenges of coming to terms with the reality of his father’s death to save his kingdom and his family.


Winter Break Movie
Wednesday, February 19, 2:00
Toy Story 4 (100 min., G)

Alongside their imaginative owner, Bonnie, Woody, Buzz, and their pals set out on a fun-filled road trip. Doing what Woody does best, he deviates from the plan, subsequently finding himself in an unlikely situation. When Woody crosses paths with Bo Peep, an old friend from whom he’s grown distant, he realizes the many ways in which his life has fallen short. Their reunion realigns Woody’s goals, and he vows to live his life as a toy to the fullest.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, February 19, 6:30
Harriet (125 min., PG13)

Harriet Tubman is a legendary part of American History that works to free slaves as they escape from their masters. Her life story begins by being born into slavery. She escapes and eventually begins to help others in her position find freedom. The abolitionist works with the Underground Railroad to ensure former slaves travel to safe destinations and finds a life for herself becoming the heroine of her own story.


Winter Break Movie
Thursday, February 20, 2:00
Angry Birds 2 (96 min., G)

Red and the Angry Birds can’t catch a break. They continue to deal with King Leonard Mudbeard and his Bad Piggies trying to destroy them after their last war. While the new war continues, Red tries to live his life and enjoy his friendships until one night Leonard shows up at his door. After a brief scuffle, Leonard tells Red that the Bad Piggies have discovered another island. Leonard has learned that the island’s ruler, a purple bird called Zeta, has been plotting to bring about the end of the world as they know it by freezing everything and creating another ice age. Can Red and Leonard set aside their differences to save their respective nations and literally the entire world?


Winter Break Movie
Friday, February 21, 2:00
Dora and the Lost City of Gold (102 min., PG)

When Dora’s parents believe that they’ve found a lost Inca city made of solid gold, the young explorer is all set to go with them on another amazing jungle adventure. Her parents though have a different idea. They decide that it’s time for Dora to experience the life of a regular teenager. They send her to the city to go to high school with her cousin Diego. Dora soon realizes that high school is merely another type of jungle and does her best to navigate it and enjoy the adventure. When mercenaries who are searching for Dora’s parents kidnap her, Diego and some of their classmates while they’re on a scavenger hunt at a local museum, Dora must do more than save herself. Along with her best monkey friend, Boots, Dora must use everything she has learned in both forested and concrete jungles to help them all survive while trying to locate the lost city.


Winter Break Movie
Saturday, February 22, 2:00
Maleficent:  Mistress of Evil (118 min., PG)

Everyone’s favorite villainess is about to make a ravishing return. Maleficent’s darling godchild, Aurora, is all grown up and believes she has found love. But Maleficent, wary of the girl’s impending union, suddenly finds herself falling into old patterns. Aurora’s new love has a mother who’s a match for Maleficent when it comes to wits and gamesmanship. But at the end of the day, all Aurora wants is to be happy. The question is whether her eccentric godmother will allow it.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, February 26, 7:00
Jojo Rabbit (108 min., PG13)

Young Jojo Betzler is a member of the Hitler Youth in 1940s Germany. Lonely and saddled with the nickname “Rabbit,” he seeks to prove himself a loyal and capable member of The Reich. But when he discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl from German authorities, he must decide where his loyalty resides, with his mother or the state. Dogging him the entire way is his imaginary friend . . . none other than Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.