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Movie Magic

What could be better than relaxing with some friends and watching a movie in a lovely theatre?  Sounds pretty good, eh?  Now what if that movie was free?  Well,  things just got even better!  Here at the JMCPL, we host no-cost Movie Nights and Movie Matinees in the Mahon Auditorium.  Just follow the signs downstairs to take advantage of this free service and enjoy some cinematic storytelling.  We screen a wide range of films so there’s something for everyone (just make sure to check the rating first – we adhere to NFB regulations).  Check this page or the calendar on the Tween and Teen programming page to find out what’s playing.  See you at the movies!



Saturday Movie
Saturday, January 19, 2:30
Mary and the Witch’s Flower (102 min., PG)

Mary’s visit with her Great-Aunt Charlotte in the British countryside turns into an extraordinary adventure when she ignores the warnings of a local boy, Peter, and follows his two cats into the forest on a misty day. Mary finds an old broomstick and a beautiful flower that the estate’s gardener tells her is coveted by those who practice witchcraft because it can bestow power. When Mary finds herself suddenly developing the powers of a witch, the broomstick takes her to a magic school known as Endor College. At Endor, Mary tries to understand better who she is and what she wants out of life. She also faces a terrible decision: She must choose between her amazing powers and doing the right thing.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, January 23, 7:00
Puzzle (103 min., 14A)

When an ordinary, unappreciated mom living in a quaint town realizes shes has an exceptional talent for figuring out jigsaw puzzles, it changes her whole life in so many unimaginable ways. It leads to her sneaking away to New York City, where she teams up with a gentleman for an exciting puzzle competition. During this time, she gets a taste of what independence is actually like. This mom then starts to see herself in a new, positive light that will forever change both how she sees herself as well as life in general.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, January 30, 7:00
Searching (101 min., PG13)

Searching is a technophobic thriller about a 16-year-old girl named Margot who has mysteriously gone missing after she leaves a study party. Determined to find out what happened to her, her father decides to take matters into his own hands and hacks into her laptop. It is there that he discovers some deep dark secrets about his daughter. Accused of possibly being the capturer, the father struggles to prove himself innocent during the investigation. Experienced completely through the camera lenses of computers and smart phones, the movie is a unique cinematic experience.


French Movie Night
Thursday, February 7, 6:30
Mommy (138 min., 14A)

Diane is a widowed mother who has always been good at making ends meet, even if she has to flash her body around a bit to do so. When her husband died, she made the decision to put her violent son in an institution, but when he is kicked out of several of them, she brings him home to care for her all by herself, which severely impacts her ability to keep gainful employment. She begins to sink into despair as her son makes her life a nightmare, but a neighbor takes an interest and may be able to help.

Co-sponsored by French Canadian Society of Prince Albert.


Wednesday Movie
Wednesday, February 13, 6:30
First Man (141 min., PG13)

A first-person account through the eyes of Neil Armstrong recounts the history-changing years before the Apollo 11 mission. Neil’s character takes us back to 1961, and recalls what it was like to be the first man on the moon. Retelling the most dangerous mission America had ever done, Neil brings to life his personal sacrifices, and the sacrifices of the country. Neil leads us from the very beginning, all the way up to July 20, 1969, when he took one giant leap for mankind.


Saturday Movie
Saturday, February 16, 2:30
Isle of Dogs (101 min., CHV Rating PG, MPAA – PG13)

This futuristic tale tells the story of a Japanese town that cruelly casts all of its canines aside when a dangerous dog flu outbreak erupts. When a young boy’s dog is taken from him, he must travel to the garbage dump island where the dogs have been relocated-and hope to find his best friend amid the rubble. Proving that friendship transcends all boundaries, their heartwarming friendship is a testament to the love of pets.


Winter Break Movie
Tuesday, February 19, 2:00
Norm of the North:  Keys to the Kingdom (91 min., NR)

Norm, the newly crowned polar bear king of the arctic, must save New York City and his home. But Norm goes from hero to villain when he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit. He must work with his friends to clear his good name and help save his kingdom in a winner-take-all hockey match.


Winter Break Movie
Wednesday, February 20, 2:00
The House with a Clock in Its Walls (105 min., PG)

Lewis is a young boy who goes to live with his uncle Jonathan after the death of his parents. It doesn’t take him long to realize that Jonathan is no ordinary man. He’s a warlock, and inside his house is a horrifying magical object. Created by an evil wizard, this clock is designed to keep counting down until the final tick ushers in the apocalypse. The only way to stop this doomsday from occurring is to find the clock, which is hidden inside the house. Will Lewis and his uncle be able to find it in time to stop disaster?


Winter Break Movie
Thursday, February 21, 2:00
Aquaman:  Rage of Atlantis (77 min., NR)

After an attack by leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus, the King of Atlantis, Aquaman, and his allies come to realize that Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns threaten not merely his undersea kingdom but also the world. Finding his confidence shaken afterward, Aquaman decides to give up his title to try to find his truest self. But evil villains wait for no one and all too soon Aquaman finds himself back in the fight at locations around the world along with members of the Justice League, including Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman and Robin. Soon they’re joined by Green Lantern Jessica Cruz who brings a new perspective that helps them deal with their many challenges.


Winter Break Movie
Friday, February 22, 2:00
Hotel Transylvania 3 (97 min., PG)

Count Dracula has diligently maintained Hotel Transylvania so monster guests can vacation away from humans. Feeling tired and alone, he allows his daughter, Mavis, to take him on a cruise. Although hesitant, he embarks on his first vacation with family and friends in tow. Aboard the cruise ship Legacy, he meets Captain Ericka and quickly falls in love. Ericka is a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, an ancient monster foe. Her evil plans try to turn love into hate as Dracula and the monsters enjoy the cruise and are blind to their fate.


Winter Break Movie
Saturday, February 23, 2:00
Christopher Robin (104 min., PG)

Christopher Robin was once a little boy whose best friend was a bear named Winnie the Pooh. Now, he is a working class adult with a family to support, and life has become a grind for him. At a particularly despairing moment, he is surprised to find himself face to face with his old friend Pooh. Together, they embark upon a journey to find Pooh’s missing friends and to recapture the joy that Christopher Robin left behind in childhood. In the process of undertaking this adventure, he will learn how to spread that sense of wonder to his own children.