Literary Databases

The power to choose a new book based on your likes and dislikes has never been easier thanks to our literary databases!  These extraordinary Readers’ Advisory tools are an invaluable resource to every reader and bookworm.  The databases open up a world of information and help to make sure that you love the next book you read.  Simply click on any of the links below to be redirected to the corresponding database.  Happy searching!


Complete Connection
Accessible through Global Books in Print, Complete Connection divides into two separate sections: Fiction Connection and Non-Fiction Connection.  Both sections function similarly and allow you to either search for specific titles or browse a little more generally.  You can either enter your search term (title of a book, author’s name, topic, etc.) in the search bar, or you can click on any of the links provided by the database, which are broken down into categories (e.g. setting, characters, location).  For example, if you want a book that takes place on a ship, you can click on the location tab, and then select “ship” and you’ll be redirected to another page.  That page will include a ‘map’ with ship at its centre and similar words that stem from it so you can narrow down your search.  It also includes lists of hundreds of books with settings in a “ship,” and the option to refine your results on the right by clicking on the genre, location, timeframe, etc. in which you’d like your next book to be set.  Once you’ve found a specific title, you can click on the Find Similar button to search for even more books that the database thinks resembles the title at hand.


Global Books in Print
This database offers bibliographic information on over 5 million in-print, out-of-print, and forthcoming book, audio, and video titles.  Type in your search query in the top left-hand box and see what comes up!  Once you click on a title, you’ll see a list on the left-hand side with various items including table of contents, annotations (e.g. synopses and descriptions), professional reviews, publisher info, and similar titles.  So, if you’re looking for a book exactly like the one you just finished, you can find that book, click on similar titles, and browse through the database’s suggestions.  You can also filter your results based on your personal preferences.


NoveList Plus
NoveList Plus provides you with the opportunity to search for books according to your tastes and more!  You can search for a specific title/author/series, or you can just type in some keywords for a list of books.  Once that list appears on your screen, you can filter your results by age range, genre, subject, pace, etc.  You can also search alphabetically for books by author, series, or subject by clicking on the top left-hand buttons.  Finally, when you click on the More option, NoveList Plus includes book reviews, feature articles, book discussion guides, lists of award-winners, and readalikes.


NoveList K-8 Plus
Like NoveList Plus, this database can help you discover new fiction and non-fiction books, but with one very important twist…  NoveList K-8 Plus is for kids!  This means that there’s extra emphasis on finding books that are at the right reading level for you.  And just like in NoveList Plus, you can explore books that are similar to your favourite title, find out which book comes next in a series, get ideas of what to read for a school project, or just browse around for something new and exciting.


*If you need help navigating these databases, ask for assistance at the Reference Desk at our main branch*