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Here at the JMCPL, we want to foster an environment of life-long learning.  To help make this possible, we host some very interesting info nights.  The topics of these talks range from highly practical to highly topical.  Check out some of our upcoming events below – no registration is required and we hope to see you all there!


Tuesday, February 19, 7:00
Versailles:  A Perilous Peace presented by Dr. Clay Burlingham

While World War I had been touted as the war to end all wars, the Treaty of Versailles was intended to secure a permanent peace. Yet, in just twenty years, the peace was in tatters, and much of the world at war. This presentation will examine the world that the Treaty brought to birth, along with why it’s very existence was in peril from its inception.

Dr. Clay Burlingham has taught for over fifteen years at the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina and in the Prince Albert off-campus program. He has done research in France on numerous occasions, (living in Paris for months at a time), and lived in Italy for four years at one point, traveling from there all over Europe. He is well versed in all things to do with European history. This will be his 9th lecture for ELL and we are very happy to have him here again to talk about the treaty that ended World War I and it’s long term consequences.

Everyone welcome!