Explore Lifelong Learning

Here at the JMCPL, we want to foster an environment of life-long learning.  To help make this possible, we host some very interesting info nights.  The topics of these talks range from highly practical to highly topical.  Check out some of our upcoming events below – no registration is required and we hope to see you all there!


Tuesday, January 28, 7:00
All things bright and beautiful, mindfulness and the secret lives of our landscapes – an evening of his photographic adventures and reflections on the beauty of Western Canada
Presented by Dr. Hamilton Greenwood

Dr. Hamilton Greenwood has taught post secondary courses at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan, SUNTEP, NORTEP and Gabriel Dumont institute over his 3+ decades of teaching.  Inspired by natural wonders and the diversity and resilience of healthy ecosystems, Hamilton tries to bring a landscape ethic and passion to his classroom and field experiences.


Tuesday, February 18, 7:00
The Place of Paris in World War II
Presented by Dr. Clay Burlingham

When France fell in May of 1940, officially signing an armistice with Germany on June 22, France became divided, with the north and west being directly occupied by the German army, and the southern two-fifths of the country coming under the French controlled Vichy government. In the heart of the Nazi occupied zone, stood Paris. This presentation will examine what that meant, as clocks, flags and life itself became transformed for four full years, until Paris was liberated on August 25, 1944.


Everyone welcome!







Everyone welcome!