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Tuesday, May 1, 7:00
The La Colle Falls Development presented by Paul Van Pul

In 1912 the City of Prince Albert embarked on a project that had the potential to revolutionize electrical energy production in the prairies: building the first hydro-electric dam in the province. Through a complex set of circumstances, the construction was halted in the summer of the next year, unfortunately never to resume. Today the massive remnants are a stark reminder of how easily a well-meant vision can turn into a financial disaster with unforeseen and long-term consequences.

Paul Van Pul is a Belgian Land Surveyor who has been living in Saskatchewan for 32 years. He has published four books on Hydraulic Engineering History and various articles on the same subject. He has a keen interest in the past and future of the Saskatchewan Rivers, especially the weir in Saskatoon and the La Colle Falls Lock and Dam Site. He regularly speaks on the above subjects at the University of Saskatchewan and at other venues.