Explore Lifelong Learning – Winter-Eyes, Winter-Wise: Seeing the Season in a Whole New Way

Tuesday, November 12, 7:00

Presented by Andrea Nelson

Where do voles find shelter as the temperature dips? Are long johns and snow all that different? Join us for an evening of digging deep into the world of winter in the boreal forest. In uncovering the curiosities of the early winter season, you’ll be eager to take a cue from the snowshoe hare and get out there!

Sprouting on the prairies and taking root in the boreal forest, Andrea Nelson is most alive when she’s outside. As an outdoor guide, canoeing instructor, musher, and interpreter, her real passion is facilitating meaningful nature-based experiences for all ages. Andrea has a B.A. in History, and guides with Sundogs Excursions and Churchill River Canoe Outfitters.

Everyone welcome!

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