Drop-In Saskatchewan Science Centre Fun – Canada 150!


Saturday, July 29, 9:00 to 12:00

Rock Your Socks
What kind of stone is that?  Learn about the geological landscape of Canada.  Learn about what Canada contributes in the world of rocks, gems and minerals.  See how you can identify rocks in your area through fun hands on games and experiments.
Terrific Tech
What has Canada contributed to the world?  Quite a lot actually!  Learn about some of the greatest innovations that started in Canada.  Get a hands-on feel and have some fun improving your Maker skills!
Brain Train
The body is a temple.  You should know how it works!  Find out how Canadians have affected the wonderful world of medicine.  Explore and learn how your brain works and how you can protect it from harm!

Each one hour session includes an element that every participant takes home. Stay for all three sessions for three times the fun!  Geared towards children in grades K to 6.  Space is limited.  No registration required.

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