Borrow eBooks

Follow these steps to borrow eBooks from our digital collection:

1)      To access our eBook collection, go to

2)      Click on the Account button or where it says Sign In

3)      Select John M. Cuelenaere Library from the drop-down menu

4)      Click the sign in link

5)      Enter your 14 digit library card number and your PIN, then click the Login button

6)      This will take you to your Bookshelf where you can manage your digital account, see how many titles you have out, etc.

7)      Search for a title you’d like to borrow in the upper right-hand search bar, or click on the library2go icon to browse the library’s collection

8)      Click on the title you want to take out (please note that if the title you want is unavailable, the book icon in the upper right-hand corner will be white, whereas if it is available it will be black)

9)     Double check what kind of eReader you own and what eBook formats are compatible with your device (e.g. if you own a Kobo Touch, your device is compatible with ePub and PDF formats, but it is incompatible with Kindle Books, mp3 and wma formats).  Click here for a more comprehensive list of eReaders and the formats with which they are compatible

10)   Once you’ve determined that the format is compatible with your device, click the big blue Borrow button

11)   If you’re using your own device/computer, click the Download button to send the eBook to Adobe Digital Editions or OverDrive Media Console.  If you’re using someone else’s device or a public computer station, wait to download the title until you’re back on your own device/computer; then you can log into your account, select the title, and click Download.  If you’re using a mobile phone or tablet, you’re done!

12)   Connect your eReader to your computer (an icon will appear on your desktop indicating that your device is connected correctly)

13)   Make sure Adobe Digital Editions is open and that the title you selected is there

14)   Left click with your mouse and drag the title over top of your device icon then let go of the mouse

15)   Disconnect your eReader from your computer when it has finished synching


Voila!  You just borrowed an eBook!