Basic Set-Up

To understand how to download eBooks and eAudiobooks, it can be helpful to understand how the process works.  Just to give you a really brief overview, the eBook or eAudiobook first goes from our system, then to your computer via the appropriate software, then finally to your eReader or audio player.  Alternately, if you have a mobile phone/tablet, the eBook or eAudiobook just goes directly to that device, but still via the appropriate software.

To set-up your eReader or audio player to receive eBooks or eAudiobooks, follow these steps:

1)      Familiarize yourself with your eReader and carefully read the instruction manual.

2)      Install the necessary software onto your personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet.  If you have a computer, download Adobe Digital Editions (click here to go to the website, which includes a Support section); if you have a mobile phone or tablet, download OverDrive Media Console (click here to go to the website, which includes How-to Videos)

Now you’re ready to start downloading eBooks from the library!