Author Readings

The JMCPL is proud to stage a variety of author readings in order to bring some literary panache to your day.  Whether the author on hand is your ultimate pen-wielding hero(ine) or whether you want to explore some hitherto uncharted literary territory, our author readings are sure to delight.  No registration is required and books by the author are often for sale.


Belinda Betker and Cindy Clarke Book Launch
Monday, January 20, 7:00
Phases and The Blue Dress

Belinda Betker
In Phases, Belinda Betker deftly captures what it is like for those who don’t fit within rigid notions of what it means to be a “boy” or a “girl”. Capturing different phases in a life, with power and nuance she takes readers on a luminous journey of a young girl’s coming-of-age, her burgeoning sexuality (and the confusion and disorientation therein), the pitfalls of an unhappy marriage, the triumphant release of coming out, and the liberating power of drag.

Belinda Betker is a prairie-born poet living in Saskatoon. Her work is published in several anthologies, including Fast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets, and Spring (Vols. 7, 8, & 9); as well as in various literary journals and chapbooks. She is a founding and long-time board member of the Saskatoon Writers Collective; and a founding/core member of two Saskatoon writing groups – Sisters’ Ink, and Obsessors.


Cindy Clarke
The Blue Dress
Cindy Clarke is an assistant professor in curriculum studies at Brandon University and a poet. At an early age, her family immigrated from the urban sprawl of California to a small store located 100 kilometers north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, on the side of the highway in the northern Canadian boreal forest.  The isolation and wildness of this isolated landscape became a force that influenced and shaped both Clarke’s academic and creative writing. Many of the poems from The Blue Dress first appeared in Clarke’s doctoral dissertation, Beyond the Muskeg, which won the University of Saskatchewan Outstanding Dissertation Award in Social Sciences in 2017.  In addition to many academic publications, Clarke has had poetry published in several journals including The Antigonish Review, FreeFall, and The Nashwaak Review.  She currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her partner, Brian, and their two dogs.

Come and meet these Saskatoon authors, and enjoy readings from their newly published works.  Everyone is welcome!  Books for sale.


Vera Pezer Book Launch
Saturday, February 8, 2:00
The Little Community that Could: The Story of Meskanaw

As Vera Pezer tells the story of Meskanaw, Saskatchewan– the “little community that could”–those of us who hail from the prairies will recall our town small towns and villages. Like Meskanaw, each had its own spark of energy, something special that made the settlement unique. History is created by circumstances, stories, and people, and the tales of our home towns and their energy continue to enrich our lives and our heritage.

Vera Pezer is a Saskatchewan original. Raised in Meskanaw–in its homes, classrooms, ball diamonds, and rinks, amidst the goings-on of the community–she learned to value the people and the province. She went on to represent Saskatchewan as a softball, curling, and golf champion, as well as becoming a coach, sport psychologist, chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan, and author.

Enjoy readings from Vera’s newly published work!  Books for sale!