Anime Club

Are you used to reading your books from right to left?  Do you make your own elaborate costumes for comic cons?  Then the JMCPL Anime Club may be exactly what you’re looking for!  Anime Club members meet to share talents and knowledge regarding Manga and Anime.  Join us to experience the world of cosplay, come dressed as your favorite anime character, bring along your anime/manga drawings, or whatever it is you have to share with others.  We’ll even show the occasional anime movie!  Bring your friends; there is no registration required.

Anime Club meets for an hour on various Monday or Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Keep your eye on the JMCPL website and in our newsletters for club updates and schedule changes.


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Drop-In Anime Club Movie Night
Monday, February 3, 6:30

We meet once a month and hang out, chat, watch Anime, draw and much more!

In this session we’ll be watching a movie.  Bring a friend!  For ages 9 to 15.

The Secret World of Arrietty (94 min., G)
When a young boy discovers a tiny girl named Arrietty living underneath the floors in his great aunt’s house, the two strike up a strange friendship. Her parents, who survive by using food and other objects they borrow from the humans upstairs, are less than thrilled about the human boy’s appearance in their lives. They make plans to move out of the house to avoid detection by the adults. However, their preparations are too slow, and the boy they fear and despise may be their only means of survival.

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